Your data center cannot afford
a piecemeal sensor approach

1 in 4

Sensors Are Found
Out of Tolerance


of Sensors Have
Installation Deficiencies

1 in 7

Sensors Have
Wiring or Labeling Deficiencies

An end-to-end sensor calibration system is the solution and, in many cases,

The Cost of Inaccurate Sensor Data Is Real.
Do You Trust Yours?

Faulty sensor system data leads to regular operational and capital investment risk.

SCI is the technical authority in data center sensor system accuracy. We manage the end-to-end sensor calibration program including schedule, program requirements, instrument calibration procedures, and Calibration Management System (CMS) database.

Every Measurement Matters to Data Center Sustainability

Effective PUE and WUE management relies on accurate sensor system measurement.

SCI provides technical consulting in instrumentation design, testing, and installation to resolve Building Management System (BMS) issues. In partnership with in-house engineering teams we develop sustainability solutions for PUE and WUE through end-to-end sensor system accuracy.

The Criticalness of QA/QC

Accurate Measurement Requires More Than Just a Calibrated Instrument.

Purchasing a calibrated sensor does not guarantee measurement accuracy. Sensors must be the correct type/range and setup, installed, wired, and programmed correctly to the BMS to provide reliable and accurate data; in order to build better data centers, you get what you expect by what you inspect.



Standard Calibrations, Inc. offers accredited calibration services across industries that allows us to confidently service our customers’ needs.


Implementing ISO 9001 means our organization has put in place effective processes and trained staff to deliver flawless products or services every time.

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