Commercial and Industrial

With a great deal of measurement science technology experience, the calibrations team is well-equipped to support you and your facility. Our calibration company and dedicated professionals are here to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to support your measurement and control needs throughout all areas of plant automation.

Maritime and DoD

Our highly skilled engineers, tradespersons, project managers, instrumentation and control technicians, calibration technicians, and subcontractors have extensive experience in the repair of shipboard monitoring and control systems. We specialize in providing rapid response for maritime and defense companies—anywhere at any time.

Mission-Critical Data Centers

In a 24/7 world, environmental sensors and controls play a critical role. We have the expert knowledge and procedures to oversee the quality assurance and control of calibration, configuration, and post-commissioning health checks of critical data center environmental sensors.


  ISO 17025/ANSI Z540.3 Accredited Calibration Laboratory

  NAVSEA Certified Oxygen Instrumentation Calibration Room

  Serving the Department of Defense since 1989


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