Maritime and DOD

Shipboard Instrument Calibration, Repair and Rapid Response

SCI's maritime services are composed of skilled engineers, tradespersons, project managers, instrumentation and control technicians, calibration technicians, and subcontractors. Our project teams have deep, hands-on experience in the repair of shipboard monitoring and control systems, and specialize in providing rapid response as requirements shift and evolve. From our Virginia-based lab and production facility, we also offer extended service teams for major ports nationwide (California, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Washington, and South Carolina) and OCONUS support wherever, whenever.


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Commercial and Industrial

Your Plant Automation Metrology Partner

Measurement science, the study of measurement (METROLOGY), is SCI’s core. This focus gives us the confident ability to create critical-solution enabling tools, metrics, and models which allow SCI to provide outstanding support for your team and facility. We’re here to provide you with the most technically competent personnel in the region to support your measurement and control areas of plant automation. Whether conducting inter-comparison studies and calibrations, evaluating technologies, systems, and practices (including uncertainty analysis) or the development of the technical basis for standards, codes, and practices—we have the right solutions for you.

SCI exceeds all of the required industrial insurance coverage and maintains an EMR rating below the industry requirement.


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Mission Critical Data Centers

Environmental Sensor Calibration, Configuration and Quality Assurance/Checks (QAQC)

Data centers are required to be up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week—environmental sensors and controls play a critical role in that requirement. SCI’s data center teams are equipped with expert knowledge and procedures to oversee the quality assurance and control of calibration, configuration, and post-commissioning health checks of critical environmental sensors. Temperature, differential pressure, water flow, and other environmental sensors are vital to providing accurate information. SCI knows accurate data is vital for the proper performance of your data center.


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