Serving Commercial Ships and Ship Management Companies

SCI's commitment to serving our customers wherever and whenever has no greater application than in the commercial maritime industry. We fully understand the unique challenges faced by commercial ships and ship management companies, and strive to meet our customer's technical, schedule, and cost requirements on time, every time.​

Our experience includes several classes of commercial vessels and projects in multiple ports on both U.S. coasts. We specialize in providing rapid responses to emergent requests and are fully capable of accomplishing any project ranging from calibration of individual pieces of equipment to large-scale upgrades.

Commercial Ship Services for East and West Coast Ports

Below are just a few examples of successful projects accomplished by SCI on commercial maritime vessels:

  • Accomplished fuel system upgrades on commercial tankers, installing fuel flow meters to monitor main engine fuel consumption.
  • ​Performed emergent troubleshooting on shipís main engine temperature monitoring systems. Quickly identified crucial installation flaws on all engines and then worked to complete repairs prior to underway.
  • Designed and installed a special multi-conductor cable assembly required to restore a traversing crane on a commercial tanker in Savannah, GA.​​
  • Repaired and calibrated portable gas detectors for multiple vessels.​

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