About Our Flow Lab

SCI's accredited liquid flow lab is equipped with traceable 1000 gpm liquid flow measurement systems using water (+/- 1100gpm) and fuel (+/- 156 gpm) mediums. We pair our reputation for reliability + quality together to provide critical precision in every measurement we make. Standard Calibrations, Inc. has 35 years of measurement expertise serving the defense, energy, mission critical data center and commercial maritime industries.

Services and Accreditations

We offer accredited liquid flow calibration services of turbine, positive displacement, roto meters, vortex and ultrasonic meters.

17025: 2017

2 to 1000 GPM
Flow Capacity


Service Details

SCI is uniquely positioned to service maritime, industrial, commercial, and mission-critical customers with liquid flow meter calibration both within our ISO/IEC accredited laboratory or on-site.

We are keenly aware of the macro trends effecting our customers that continue to make liquid flow accurate measurement a critical priority. The rise in the Industrial Internet of Things (IloT) and Artificial Intelligence (Al) are forcing customers to optimally measure fuel and water usage, the later otherwise known as water usage effectiveness (WUE). Our technicians are experts in flow measurement accuracy and partner with internal teams not only to provide accredited calibrations on-site but to assist in end-to-end sensor system health focused on sustainability.

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