Global Calibration and Repair Partner for the U.S. Coast Guard

SCI teams have served ships of the U.S. Coast Guard for over 20 years. Our experience includes projects across the globe. 

Below are just a few examples of successful projects accomplished by SCI on U.S. Coast Guard ships:

  • Provided direct calibration support, including repairs to gauges, meters, and portable electronic equipment on WTGB and WMEC class ships.
  • ​Provided GEMS technical representative support during accomplishment of Tank Level Indicator (TLI) repairs on a WLM class ship.
  • Accomplished systems upgrades, replacing ship’s legacy Tank Level Indicator (TLI) equipment with radar tank level transmitters.​​P
  • Performed shipboard troubleshooting and repair of WPB class engineering control systems.​
  • WLIC class Installation of new VCHT TLI Equipment​​
  • WMEC class aviation fuel flow meter calibrations

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